After 2,5 years winning Jakarta’s heart with authentic flavors, Turkuaz is expanding its wings by opening Turkuaz Authentic Baklava House located next to the existing restaurant, Jalan Gunawarman No. 32 Kebayoran Baru. Turkuaz has made a name since it first opened in July 2011 by producing delectable cuisines under the umbrella of owner and Head Chef Sezai Zorlu.  Now Chef Sezai Zorlu has brought in the youngest Baklava Master, Tufan Goztepe, from South East of Turkey who will be the hearty creator of the sweet Turkish delicacy in Baklava House.

The new space can be described as the first and only Baklava House in Asia where guests can enjoy traditional Turkish desserts coming from the Ottoman Empire Palace menu.

Turkuaz Baklava House features product displays and seating area where guests can come and enjoy scrumptious traditional Turkish desserts such as Klasik Antep Fistikli Baklava (24 layers of hand rolled fillos with Antep pistachios), Klasik Cevizli Baklav a (24 layers of hand rolled fillos with walnut), Klasik Bademli Baklava (24 layers of hand rolled fillos with almond), Cukulatali Fındıklı Baklava (Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava) and many more freshly baked everyday.

“We are fortunate to be able to open Turkuaz Baklava House, the success we had with the restaurant can be credited to our loyal guests, for which we are extremely grateful, and now we are looking forward to see more blissful faces when they come to our new Baklava House ” said owner and Head Chef Sezai Zorlu.

“Turkuaz Baklava House offers a worthy authentic Turkish desserts during the Ottoman Empire time, my goal has always been to create a conscious moment of indulgence for guests,” explained Chef Sezai Zorlu.

All Baklavas are manually home-made by Baklava Master Tufan Goztepe where fillo pastry as Baklava main ingredients are made as thin as 1,5 mm, 50% thinner of what machine made, this will create more crisps in the result.

The interior of Baklava House conveys a bright welcoming Turkish atmosphere, with a customized tulip design tea cups shape chandelier as well as stunning picture of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, known as the founder of Turkish Republic, by the entrance to welcome guests. Solid marble display garnered by flower shape lamps showcasing fresh oven baked baklava each day surely indulge guest sweet tooth. As the vocal point of the pastry seating area displayed an array of traditional Turkish style mirrors with tassels as well as beautiful creatively designed upside down tea cups lamps around Baklava House.

Turkuaz Authentic Baklava House is the only and first Baklava House in Asia that brings back to life the traditional desserts from Ottoman Empire era menu. Everything in the menu is homemade from scratch using the finest ingredients available. A perfect spot for guests to have an afternoon snacks or sweet nightcap to round out the evening.

Opening hours:

- Sundays to Thursdays  : 11.30am – 10.00pm
- Fridays and Saturdays : 11.30am – 11.30pm
- Eve of Public Holiday : 11.30am – 11.30pm


Please call 021 7279 5846 or 021 7279 5853 for reservations.