Turkuaz Gallery

Turkuaz Gallery

Founder of Turkuaz Gallery, Mr. Özgür Zorlu, has extensive experience in carpets from all over the world having being a director for international carpet galleries and auction houses.

The purpose of this website is to share the true experience and knowledge we have of  hand woven carpets  with enthusiasts and collectors around the world.  Since the knowledge of this art form comes with education, we aim to share our knowledge about the intricate technical qualities and human stories behind this unique art .

There are more than 200 countries in the world but only a handful which can boast of possessing the skill and culture to create hand knotted carpets and tapestry .

To appreciate this rare and intangible human cultural heritage, it requires an attention to details which we are happy to share through our specialized collections.

Throughout centuries carpets and rug of the highest quality have been displayed in palaces, museums and homes. Our knowledge and experience of this heritage will help you find the carpet you deserve and desire .

For more information please refer to www.turkuazgallery.com