Corbalar – Soup
  • Suzme Mercimek Corbasi* – Red lentil soup with butter-dried chili dressing served with bread        
  • Adana Corbasi - Meat balls with chickpeas and home dried mint leaf (selection of chicken, beef or lamb)
Mezeler – Dips & Appetizers
  • Zeytinyagli Humus* – Pureed chickpeas and Tahini with extra virgin olive oil served with bread       
  • Tereyagli Cam Fistikli Humus* – Pureed chickpeas and Tahini with sautéed butter pine nuts served with bread
  • Etli Humus – Pureed chickpeas and Tahini with butter sautéed lamb and chili flakes served with bread
  • Acili Humus* – Pureed chickpeas and Tahini with sautéed fresh chili, shallots and homemade chili paste served with bread
  • Tahinli Patlican* – Char grilled aubergines with tahini, garlic and yoghurt served with bread
  • Babaganuc* – Char grilled aubergines, tomato, chili peppers and garlic served with bread
  • Kozlenmis Peynirli Biber* – Char grilled chili peppers stuffed with marinated feta cheese
  • Kozlenmis Sebze Silkmesi* – Char grilled chili and tomatoes sautéed in olive oil with onions and garlic served with bread 
  • Mezze Platter – for 2 persons – Consists of Zeytinyagli Humus, Babaganuc, Gavurdagi Salatasi, Ispanakli Peynirli Borek and bread (Options of Acili Humus, Etli Humus and Tereyagli Cam Fistikli Humus) 
Sicak Mezeler – Hot Appetizers
  • Sigara Boregi* – Olive oil fried rolled Turkish white cheese and parsley in pastry
  • Tavuklu Muska Boregi – Olive oil fried rolled vegetables and chicken in pastry
  • Ispanakli Peynirli Borek* – Wood oven baked Spinach and Turkish white cheese in pastry
  • Kasarli Mantarli Borek* – Wood oven baked mozzarella cheese and sautéed mushrooms in pastry
  • Karidesli Peynirli Mantar – Wood oven baked mozzarella cheese, stuffed mushrooms and shrimps
  • Etli Gozleme – Pan grilled stuffed bread with home-made minced lamb
  • Etli Ispanakli Gozleme – Pan grilled bread stuffed with home cooked minced lamb and cheese
  • Peynirli Gozleme – Pan grilled bread stuffed with duo cheese (feta and mozzarella)
  • Falafil – Blended chickpeas with selected vegetables served with tahini garlic sauce
Salatalar – Salads
  • Cacik* – Homemade natural yoghurt, cucumber cubes and mashed garlic
  • Coban Salatasi* – Cucumber, tomato, chili and onions with freshly made dressing
  • Maydonoz Salatasi* – Chopped fresh parsley, tomato, onions and cous-cous with freshly made dressing
  • Kozlenmis Biber Salatasi* – Char grilled red chili, garlic with pomegranate sauce and extra virgin olive oil
  • Gavurdagi Salatasi* – Cucumber, tomatoes and walnuts with pomegranate sauce and extra virgin olive oil
  • Beyaz Peynirli Salata – Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese with extra virgin olive oil dressing
Odunlu Firindan Taze Ekmeler – Bread freshly from the wood oven
  • Lavas Ekmegi – Puffy bread
  • Kebab Ekmegi – Soft thin bread          
  • Karisik Ekmek – Mixed bread
  • Ozel Kunzulu Ekmek – Special sesame bread (Small, Medium or Large size)
Deniz Mahsulleri – Sea Food
  • Karides Kebab – Char grilled marinated king prawns served with Burgul Pilav
  • Karides Guvec – Wood oven baked shrimps, mushroom, cherry tomatoes with selected spices
  • Bademli Balik – Pan grilled fillets of marinated dover sole fish, roasted sliced almond and trio paprika
  • Ezme Soslu Balik – Pan grilled fillets of marinated fish dover sole on sautéed vegetable with cheese 
Sebze Ana Yemekler – Vegetarian Main Course
  • Firinda Sebzeli Enginar* – Wood oven baked selected sautéed vegetables with artichokes and mozzarella cheese
  • Feslegenli Patlican Sarmasi* – Sautéed vegetable with fresh basil rolled in olive oil fried aubergines
  • Sebzeli Durme* – Selected vegetables and spices stuffed in crêpes with mozzarella cheese
  • Sebzeli Musakka* – Mixed selected sautéed vegetables on olive oil fried aubergines and zucchinis
  • Sebzeli Guvec* – Wood oven baked selected cube cut vegetables with mozzarella cheese 
Shawarma – Doner Kebab
  • Iskender Kebab – Shaved doner kebab and tomato sauce on bread with yoghurt and Sehriyeli Pilav
  • Sade Doner – Shaved doner kebab, Sumack onion salad with bread
  • Pilav Ustu Doner – Shaved doner kebab with salad and Sehriyeli Pilav
Pilavlar – Rice
  • Sehriyeli Pilav* – Slow cooked sautéed vermicelli and rice
  • Icli Pilav* – Slow cooked rice with almonds, pine nuts, raisin and Turkish spices
  • Burgul Pilavi – Village style cooked bourgul with onions and special spices
Chef’s Signature Lamb Shank Dishes – Original recipe from the Chef’s village
Overnight wood oven baked fork tender shank of lamb, home dried herbs and spices
served with selections of:
  • Burgul Pilavli Kuzu Incik – Village style with pickled vegetables and Burgul Pilav
  • Patlicanli Kuzu Incik Kebabi – Olive oil fried aubergines in home dried thyme with Sehriyeli Pilav
  • Firinda Kuzu Incik – Baked mushrooms, shallots and garlic with Burgul Pilav
  • Meftune Kuzu Incik – Simmered whole shallot, garlic and tomato paste with Sehriyeli Pilav
  • Kuzu Incikli Hunkar Begendi – Pureed char grilled aubergine and mozzarella cheese
  • Enginarli Kuzu Incik Haslama – Simmered artichokes, potatoes, celery stick and baby carrots with Sehriyeli Pilav
  • Ezme Soslu Kuzu Incik – Sautéed vegetables in homemade chili paste and spices with Sehriyeli Pilav
Ana Yemekler – Main Course
  • Yaprak Sarma – Stuffed wine leaves with selected vegetables and minced lamb served with yogurt garlic sauce
  • Manti – Steamed spiced minced lamb in homemade dough dressed with yoghurt garlic, butter and dry chili
  • Izgara Tavuk Kanadi – Char grilled marinated chicken wings with Icli Pilav
  • Durme - Wood oven baked crêpes stuffed with meat (selection of Chicken, Beef or Lamb)
  • Kasarli Mantarli Kofte – Pan grilled spiced minced meat stuffed with cheese layered on sautéed mushroom and mozzarella cheese (selection of Chicken, Beef or Lamb)
  • Yayla Kebab – Kofte’s on sautéed butter-dried chili bread with yoghurt garlic sauce (selection of Chicken, Beef or Lamb)
  • Sis Kebab – Char grilled marinated meat cubes with Icli Pilav (selection of Chicken, Beef or Lamb)
  • Kagit Kebab – Wood oven baked minced meat, chili and tomatoes with sesame bread (selection of Chicken, Beef or Lamb)
  • Adana Kebab - Char grilled minced meat and chili paste with Icli Pilav (selection of Chicken, Beef or Lamb)
  • Ezmeli Kebab – Sauteed selected chopped vegetables with spiced koftes (selection of Chicken, Beef or Lamb) 
Tatlilar – Desserts
  • Baklava – Layers of fillo pastry, butter, pistachio and homemade syrup
  • Kuru Kayisi Tatlisi – Walnut stuffed Turkish dry apricots, cream and cracked pistachio
  • Sutlac – Creamy cold rice pudding topped with cinnamon powder
  • Firinda Sutlac – Wood oven baked creamy cold rice pudding
  • Kadayif – Wood oven baked shredded fillo pastry with homemade syrup
  • Gullac – Corn starch sheets soaked in milk, rose water, orange flowers water with pistachio and pomegranate
  • Keskul – Ottoman style pure almond pudding
Icecekler – Beverages
  • Soft Drinks
  • Lemon Tea
  • Lemon Squash
  • Premium Mineral Water Equil – Still
  • Premium Mineral Water Equil – Sparkling
  • Ayran (Turkish yoghurt drink)
  • Homemade Fresh Fruits yoghurt drink (Strawberry or Kiwi)
  • Imported Turkish Fruit Juice (Apricot, Peach or Sour Cherry)
  • Cay (Turkish Tea)
  • Elma Cayi (Apple Tea)
  • Naneli Cay (Mint Tea)
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Black Coffee

 * Vegetarian dishes