Chef Sezai Zorlu invites you to enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine


Chef Sezai Zorlu’s love for cooking was sparked during his childhood in Turkey. He spent nights under the kitchen table with his parents, learning from their cooking and helping out in the kitchen.

Chef Sezai Zorlu has a degree in food science, which he uses to develop culinary skills for chefs and people who want to learn new recipes. Along with being a teacher of Turkish cuisine, he also hosts food shows on television and publishes cookbooks.

Sezai Zorlu was born in 1974 in Iskenderun, southeast of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. He is the first Turkish chef to win a Michelin star and has earned not only a Michelin star but also fame for his recipes for dishes like Bufuş and Boğazkere.

Humans have always enjoyed delicious food. With the evolution of cooking techniques, food became more complex and difficult to make but with Sezai Zorlu, all that changed.

His dishes are now not only served at restaurants but also in homes across the country because they are easy to prepare.

Sezai Zorlu is a resident of the Turkish Mediterranean coast and he is the man behind Sezai’s Kitchen. He has been serving delicious food for over two decades, and he is one-third of acclaimed Turkish Mediterranean chefs.

Sezai Zorlu was born in 1974 in Iskenderun, southeast of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the Middle East Technical University in 1997, and then he became a chef at his family’s own restaurant. Sezai’s Kitchen is still open today but it has been renamed to Sezai Restaurant due to his own restaurant opening later on.

The story begins with a meal that was served by his father who was a seasoned blacksmith with an interest in cooking food for friends and passersby during lunchtime.

This is a story about an international cuisine that has been loved by people all over the world. It is also the story of a man who loved food, ate it and made it his life force.

Sezai Zorlu is a chef who has always been in love with food, who has not restricted himself to one place or cuisine. He has created his own unique style of cooking that mixes together the best of his different cultures and loves. With a career which started in London’s popular restaurant Fat Duck, he was soon to become one of the most highly regarded chefs in Britain, as well as internationally renowned.

Zorlu’s journey through different cuisines, culture and countries is an inspiring story of how hard work can help you win your battles against time and difficulties.

Sezai Zorlu is a chef and restaurateur who travels around the world in search of inspiration. He is known for his globally-inspired creations that use traditional Turkish ingredients in dishes with a contemporary edge.

In a 2011 interview, he shared how he built his career, “I started as a cook and then I opened up my own restaurant. I worked my way up from there”.

From serving as the executive pastry chef at The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi to hosting his own popular TV cooking show called Zorlu’s Global Kitchen, Chef Sezai Zorlu has traveled the world to spread an idea: even for those with modest means, it pays to dream big.

Chef Sezai Zorlu was born in 1974 in Iskenderun, southeast of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. His parents were farmers and he grew up on a farm where he learned to cook from his father. He graduated from Istanbul’s Faculty of Food Science and Technology, having studied under Nusret Caglar, a famous chef who passed away in 2011.

After graduating from school, Zorlu started working with Turkish celebrity chef and TV show host Nusret Caglar. The two became good friends and collaborated for many years until Caglar’s death in 2011.