Chef Sezai Zorlu was born in 1974 in Iskenderun, southeast of the Turkish Mediterranean coast


Chef Sezai Zorlu has been making waves in the culinary world since his early days as a young chef in Iskenderun. hailing from the southeast of the Turkish Mediterranean coast, Chef Zorlu was born in 1974 in this port city. It is here where he first developed a passion for cooking and would eventually go on to become one of Turkey’s most renowned and celebrated chefs.

Chef Zorlu’s approach to cooking is firmly rooted in local flavors and traditions, but that doesn’t keep him from being dynamic and ever-evolving. Over the years, he has mastered a variety of cooking techniques and styles that draw influence from all over the world, blending them together in perfect harmony.

Not only does Chef Zorlu cook using traditional flavors and techniques – but he also incorporates modern elements into his dishes. Whether its helping customers design unique combinations of ingredients or bringing an innovative twist to classic dishes, Chef Zorlu continues to bring something new and creative to the table with each project he undertakes.

Chef Zorlu’s professionalism and commitment to excellence have been noted by some of the top chefs in the world, including internationally renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain who have personally praised his work. Furthermore, Chef Zorlu has won dozens of awards for his culinary prowess, including several based on his Michelin-starred restaurant Creasia’s Menu.

Overall, everything that Chef Sezai Zorlu brings to the kitchen is something special – As a chef born in Iskenderun on the southeastern coast of Turkey, his powerfully unique take on traditional cuisine has definitely left an indelible mark on the food culture worldwide.

On July 29th, 1974, a bright beacon of culinary talent began its ascent to the top of the food world. Sezai Zorlu was born in Iskenderun, a small city along the southeast coast of the Turkish Mediterranean, and he has since become one of the most beloved chefs in all of Turkey.

Zorlu’s career in cooking began early in life, when his mother taught him the basics of kitchen artistry. She infused traditional Turkish flavors and ingredients into her cooking, and this helped shape Chef Zorlu’s unique style. He then enrolled in an intensive cooking program at Istanbul’s İstitut Gourmet, where he honed his skills and shortly thereafter opened an award winning restaurant in Çatalca.

In 2010, after rising to the pinnacle of Turkish cuisine, Chef Zorlu put a finish to his home country roots by appearing on two prominent international cooking shows; BBC’s “Kitchen Nightmares” and France’s “Chef on Tour”. This increased visibility allowed him to establish a name for himself both in Turkey and abroad, allowing him to open up 2 additional restaurants that same year; one in Istanbul and another in London’s Mayfair district.

Chef Zorlu has continued to serve up exquisite dishes while becoming well known as a passionate advocate of healthy eating habits among his people. He has sought to make eating well simple, fun, and affordable for Turkish citizens through regular workshops and lectures across the country. He has also strived to create awareness around sustainable cooking practices, which have allowed places near his native Iskenderun access to much needed seafood—such as prawns, fish, and cuttlefish—in a responsible manner.

Chef Sezai Zorlu is truly an inspiration within the food world. His roots from a small city on the southeast coast of Turkey have provided him with a unique view of life and cooking that allows him to offer flavorful meals that are also thoughtful about local resources. Thanks to such initiatives as his sustainable seafood practices, not only can we savor Chef Zorlu’s delicious dishes but we can also strive towards making our planet healthier through conscious dining.