Chef Sezai Zorlu invites you to enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine


Today, a new culinary experience awaits at Chef Sezai Zorlu’s restaurant. Located in the historic city centre of Bodrum, Turkey, the restaurant promises to bring traditional Turkish cuisine to a whole new level.

Chef Zorlu has been serving up delectable dishes from his homeland for almost ten years. His menu is full of traditional favourites like shish kebabs, stuffed vine leaves and lotus root chips. He also adds modern twists to classic recipes like his inventive pistachio ice cream or the delicious lamb-filled pizza.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is inviting and relaxed, lending itself to wonderful conversations over delicious food and drinks. Zorlu’s carefully crafted beverages are particularly worth mentioning, as they truly contribute to the overall joy of the meal. The service is excellent, attentive and kind — making sure that nothing can interfere with a perfect evening spent with family and friends.

For those craving something truly special, Chef Zorlu offers regular private dining packages with superb selections of food and drinks. Every package presents a unique experience as it changes according to seasons, ingredients availability and guests’ preferences.

So if you’re in Bodrum, don’t miss out on an unforgettable dining experience at Chef Sezai Zorlu’s restaurant – you’ll be glad you did!

When it comes to delicious cuisine, Turkey certainly has a lot to offer. From succulent kebabs and creamy baklava to hearty stews and fresh seafood, Turkish cuisine has something for every palate. That’s why we’re thrilled that acclaimed chef Sezai Zorlu has just opened a new Turkish restaurant in the city center.

As one of the most talented chefs in Turkey, Chef Zorlu has gained fame for his passion for traditional flavors and his eye-catching plating presentations. He began as a street food hawker and quickly established himself as one of Istanbul’s renowned chefs. In his new restaurant, Chef Zorlu invites diners to experience the best of Turkish cuisine and culture.

Chef Zorlu’s menu includes many classical dishes such as slow-cooked Turkish dolma, traditional smoky eggplant dip, lamb shish kebab, lentil soup, and more. For dessert, he prepares classic Turkish pastries such as baklava, kadayıf and cevizli sucuklu. With fresh ingredients and flavorful seasonal recipes, diners will always enjoy something new and exciting.

In addition to enjoying a meal, diners can also take part in cooking classes offered at the restaurant. Chef Zorlu will expertly guide you through the process of preparing several classic Turkish dishes. Participants get to bring home their creations too.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting night out or an educational culinary experience, Chef Zorlu’s restaurant should be on your must-visit list. Enjoy a vibrant evening filled with delicious food, great conversation and pleasant atmosphere at one of Istanbul’s latest gems.

Chef Sezai Zorlu, the celebrated Turkish master chef, is inviting everyone to enjoy the thrills and tastes of traditional Turkish cuisine. Zorlu has been offering his flavors from Istanbul for over a decade, creating a unique menu that draws from both modern and classic Turkish dishes. For those unable to travel to Turkey directly, Zorlu’s delicious culinary concoctions can be experienced by booking a meal at one of his many restaurants, or through one of his delicious pre-prepared meal kits.

Zorlu’s work has taken him around the world to bring the best in Turkish cuisine to his hungry customers. He prides himself on using the freshest ingredients and sources them locally wherever he can. As with traditional Turkish cuisine, each meal made by Zorlu starts with fresh baked bread and finishes with a fruit or nut dessert. The main course varies widely, but one can expect savory meat dishes cooked in rich sauces, aromatic soups and filled pastries. Each dish is cooked to perfection by Zorlu’s talented chefs and is presented beautifully for guests’ delight.

Zorlu has established himself as a leading figure in the world of Turkish cuisine, praised for his modern interpretations of traditional recipes. His restaurant menus offer something new each month, featuring special seasonal ingredients as well as twists on classic recipes that make it truly hard to pick just one dish! Whether you take a trip down to Istanbul or stay at home with a Zorlu meal kit, Chef Sezai Zorlu has surefire recipes that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.