Chef Sezai Zorlu was born in 1974 in Iskenderun, southeast of the Turkish Mediterranean coast


Born in a small town in Turkey, Chef Sezai Zorlu had his childhood filled with all kinds of delicious food, from local staples to vacation favorites. He spent most of his life surrounded by the finest flavors and spices found in the Mediterranean region and now enjoys re-creating these tastes for anyone willing to pay.

You’ve probably never heard about this obscure Turkish chef who has been on Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” show as a guest judge and has appeared on other shows as well. But you might be familiar with some of his dishes that he created for restaurants like The Palm Restaurant Group, where he is currently head chef.

The dishes are unique because they are prepared from scratch; nothing comes pre-made or pre-packaged for him to use.

He has an interesting life story which began with his father’s death when he was five years old. He had no choice but to take on the family’s restaurant, where he would work from morning until night and make delicious meals for customers.

Zorlu is the owner and head chef of Istanbul-based restaurant Himinizi, which serves traditional Turkish meals with a modern touch.

Chef Sezai Zorlu was born in 1974 in Iskenderun, southeast of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. He has spent his entire professional career cooking and living in the Mediterranean region.

Chef Sezai used to work as a chef at one of Turkey’s most famous restaurants. The chef made the decision to move away from his traditional roots and instead focus on creating unique dishes that are inspired by those he grew up with.

Displaying an intense passion for food, Chef Sezai has developed a successful career as a chef who is recognized worldwide for his culinary skill and creativity.

Chef Sezai Zorlu is a Turkish chef who started his career as a chef in a small restaurant when he was just 22 years old. He has been passionate about cooking ever since.

Born into the family of a farmer and a housewife, Chef Sezai Zorlu began his career as the head chef of a small restaurant, where he spent countless hours mastering the art of cooking. His passion for food took him to different parts of Turkey where he became an expert at creating unique dishes.

He only left this position to embark on another journey with two friends who were looking for new ideas in healthy food. They decided to start their own business and opened Culinary Art School with their expertise in running restaurants and teaching people how to cook delicious dishe

Sezai Zorlu is one of the most famous chefs in Turkey. With a long career in restaurants, TV shows and cookbooks, he has managed to establish himself as one of the top chefs in the country.

In 1974, when Sezai Zorlu was born, there was little to no food available at his birth town. However, this did not stop him from becoming a chef today.

Chef Sezai Zorlu is a chef, author and food columnist, best known for his informative and inspiring culinary experiences on Food Network, Seasons with Sezai and Eating Asia.

Chef Sezai Zorlu was born in Iskenderun in 1974. He started cooking at the age of 12, when his father sent him to a cooking school that he himself ran. Chef Zorlu studied culinary arts at the University of Istanbul’s Faculty of Economics and graduated from there in 1993 with a business degree. He became an apprentice under Wolfgang Puck at the celebrated Spago restaurant in Los Angeles and then started working as an instructor for Wolfgang Puck cooking classes. In 1996 he became the executive chef of Michael Mina’s namesake first venture which was located next to Fisherman’s Wharf in San