Turkuaz Authentic Baklava House – come to us for delicious food


At Turkuaz Authentic Baklava House, we are committed to offering the best customer service and food experience. We are proud to be the first-ever Middle Eastern establishment in the state of Arizona.

We offer a variety of Mediterranean dishes that you’re sure to fall in love with. These include spanakopita, cannoli, baklava, and don’t forget our authentic Turkish coffee!

Our menu includes traditional recipes from Turkey and Greece that have remained unchanged for generations. With locations in Litchfield Park, Phoenix, Tucson, and Kingman, you don’t need to travel far for a well-deserved meal!

Turkuaz Authentic Baklava House is a local family-owned and operated bakery known for their scrumptious baklava. They are known for their friendly service and genuine love of food.

When it comes to authentic Turkish cuisine, Turkuaz Authentic Baklava House has got you covered. Their baklava is delicious, they make all of their own ingredients from scratch and their hummus is one of a kind. Come on down today to buy some delicious treats!

Turkish food has been known for its exquisite taste and fresh ingredients because it was made by the hands of real people. It’s packed with flavor that other cuisines can only dream about and made from all-natural ingredients as well.

Turkuaz Authentic Baklava House is a family-owned company that specializes in delicious food like baklava, baklawa and Turkish coffee.

In addition to our broad menu of traditional Turkish sweets, we offer a sweet selection for all tastes. Our original desserts have been recognized by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards.

The word “baklava” is often translated as “flaky pastry”—but it actually refers to the way the dough is made: with a mixture of olive oil and ground nuts ground together into fine crumbs.

The Authentic Baklava House in Turkuaz offers various delicious food that you can’t find anywhere else. The baklava we serve is made from scratch and all of the products are organic and gluten-free.

We offer a variety of desserts including our famous traditional baklava, honey walnut pastry, pistachio kataifi, cinnamon date pastry, and lemon pastry. We also have a few drink options like our homemade rose water iced tea or the best quality cappuccino that you would find anywhere!

We make all of our desserts from scratch on site with only the freshest ingredients. We use organic flour to make our classic baklava and they are also gluten-free! Our desserts contain no preservatives or artificial colorings as well.

Some of the most popular foods in Turkey are baklava and Turkish delight. These sweet treats have been enjoyed for centuries throughout the region and around the world.

Turkuaz Authentic Baklava House offers a variety of desserts with flavors like pistachio, honey, rose, syrup, and chocolate. They also offer an extensive menu with savory meals including meze platters and seafood platters.

Turkuaz Authentic Baklava House offers a variety of delicious baklava, including the traditional pistachio-almond and cashew-nut varieties.

When it comes to Turkish pastry, that’s a tough choice to make. There are so many options – and some of them are not that authentic. But when you’re craving a sweet bite after lunch or dinner, we’ve got your back. Come in today to try our traditional baklava!

Turkish pastry can be intimidating for those unfamiliar with its intricate layers of dough and fillings. You’ll find many stores offer similar pastries with different names, but when it comes to quality Turkish food, Turkuaz is the one place you need to come for!